Co-creating and retiring millionaire and billionaire families

reclaim your time to create eternal loving memories instead of chasing money 

What If You Don't Have To Work Until 65 Before You Can Retire And Enjoy Your Life?

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a university degree or your online education to chase millionaire or billionaire status...

or the freedom lifestyle as an influencer or business owner only to find out that it's harder than the online gurus and experts want you to believe...

or work in a job for eight hours or more every day, whether you like it or not, to eventually retire at 65...

you can invest your money with us at a 4% ROI monthly and add 7+figures in 10 years or less without any work at all because your money works harder for you than you for money.

Because I - Tabita Fénix the Founder of Pioneer Retirement™️ - enjoyed this kind of freedom with my investments I was able to fully devote myself to the big vision that scared me when I first received it at 29 years and believed I would never be able to fulfill that.

That's why I retired from mentoring, strategy, and most online activity to retreat and moved to an island in the desert where I spent three years completing a bulletproof map to offer Pioneer Retirement™️ whilst my investments did the heavy lifting for me.

This allowed me to:

Reclaim my time and spend it mostly creating, surfing, singing or in nature
Reinvent my life and daily activities and only work and partner with whom I really choose
Fully commit to my timeless masterpieces aka Pioneer Creations™
Only create for pure pleasure and not because I need a result, money, or external validation
Fire anyone that no longer fits into our company culture to have the most innovative Pioneer Team
Regulate my nervous system to be at peace and never have to sell out my values in the pursuit of money

Most people assume that if you no longer have to work, you'd become lazy and society fall apart.

The opposite is actually true is what I've come to experience myself as well as heard from many other entrepreneurs who have sold a company or retired.

That's because evolution only goes one way - it's ever-expanding. You can't evolve without giving back.

The natural response of a human being who is healed, loving and prosperous is to give back and do good in the world.

People who operate on that level have a deep desire to help because their self is much more expanded than their physical body.

That's who you become when you step up as a pioneer. You become self-less.

Ask yourself...

Who would you be without having to go to work?

What would you do?

How about being present with your life and loved ones and…

Never having to look at your phone because everyone that you love is right there with you.

You can...

- Enjoy your travels and nature with your physical eyes instead of trying to capture the perfect shot through a camera lens to post on Social Media.

- Sit at the dinner table and have deep conversations about all the miracles you get to co-create because you never have to worry about bills.

Which is also when you can walk away from anything and anyone that wants you to sell out your soul in the pursuit of making money.

That's when you step into PIONEER RETIREMENT™ and reclaim your freedom because you can actually retire.

Your standard for your life will become brilliance, unpredictability and invincibility.

That’s only possible if you create whatever you want to create for the pure pleasure of creating it as a PIONEER.

When you embody the PIONEER who does no longer need external validation or money there is no value to be exchanged.

You no longer get paid what you are worth because your presence is priceless.

That’s when you choose what you choose simply because you do.

No reason attached other than your desire to elevate your game

Every moment

Every day


It requires that you no longer need to work for money ever again and you have complete freedom of what you want to do with your time, relationships and creativity. 

That's why PIONEER RETIREMENT™️ exists. We serve every person, family and company.

Discover the options below that best suit your needs.

Pioneer Family

Would you like to invest with us but believe that you need a lot of money to get started with Pioneer Retirement™? You can start investing with us today with a principal of €10,000.

Pioneer Sales ™ 

Are you a sole trader, freelancer or manager? You can learn how to increase your revenue and profits with multiple revenue streams without working more or hiring more staff.

Pioneer Creations ™

How Pioneer Creations change the world by reinventing industries and creating new marketplaces at 10X profit growth instead of dominating your space as the go-to expert

Discover the Pioneer Retirement ™️ Book

Do you have questions about investing or how Pioneer Retirement™ works? Questions such as:

What is the risk of losing money?
Isn't it easier to become a millionaire with an online business?
What is the biggest mistake millionaires or billionaires make?
What if I need to get my investment paid back?
What is going to happen with my investment?
How can I overcome my trauma of having lost money?

Before you decide, whether or not Pioneer Retirement™ is for you, we recommend listening to the free preview lessons of about 15 minutes called "How your freedom is being taken away from you" and "Did I lose my business when I refused to work hard as an entrepreneur?"

 How Is Pioneer Retirement ™️ Different?

"We are not risking your money. We offer Pioneer Retirement ™️ before 65 years of age. You can store your money in a savings account, pension fund such as 401K where it does nothing for you or you can invest it with us. There is no additional cost or risk of losing your money since we don't take money unless we can match it.

Your money is safe because we can match what you invest. We are not accepting any money that we do not already have in assets. If the investment amount that people want to pay us surpasses our own assets, we will stop taking on more investments. 

This means we are not actually working with your money but our own which we have done successfully for over four years without any losses and why we can offer a 4% monthly ROI.

- Tabita Fénix

Meet the Pioneer Founder

Welcome! I am Tabita Fénix an Artist, Investor, Founder of the Pioneer Movement and Embodiment of the Pioneer Spirit.

I Will Matter into Submission as an Art by Co-Creating Pioneer Creations™ aka Timeless Masterpieces for the Blessing of the Pioneer Movement.

Since retiring in my 30's as a multi-millionaire, I've been spending my time with loved ones creating eternal memories by singing, surfing, travelling, and making music. 

I dedicated myself entirely to the earth to restore her beauty and protect all relations. Upon completing the biggest expansion of the Pioneer Movement, I travelled for the entire year of 2022 to acquire land and real estate to give people and animals a home with local co-working and co-living Pioneer Communities.

We launched Pioneer Retirement™️ in December 2022 to support every family to retire as millionaires or billionaires with a DFY investment strategy at 4% ROI monthly to end the enslavement of humanity and prioritize life. 

We look forward to having you, your loved ones and community or company on board for a loving and prosperous future.

Curious to know more about me?

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