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reclaim your time to create eternal loving memories instead of chasing money 

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and set up your financial freedom by turning €10,000 into €1.106.625,61 in 10 years WITHOUT ANY WORK AT ALL by investing in Pioneer Retirement at 4% ROI monthly.   
On this page, you will find a 10-minute voice message from our founder Tabita Fénix in which she answers the three most burning questions...

Why should I trust Pioneer Retirement?
How do I know that my money is safe with you?
What do you invest in?

Please review this information thoroughly so you can see how your investment will grow over time, what your options are in terms of keeping the money in compounding at 4% monthly versus having the option to withdraw a percentage of your profits to use as cash flow.  
Keep in mind as you read the material, Pioneer Retirement™ was not created like other companies.

WE DO NOT NEED YOUR MONEY to grow our company. 

It is NOT for profit or to impress stakeholders. 

It is founded on the principle of safekeeping, preserving and growing your hard earned money. This is a gift.

We back all our investor's money and won't take on more investments than we already have in assets. Which means, if every one of our clients would want their money back within 30 days, we can pay out ALL OUR INVESTORS unlike the bank where you currently keep your money.

The reason you are landing on this page is because you've been in touch with one of our trusted Pioneer Relationships Nurturer. This page is not public.

Wether you are one of the people who put their money where their mouth is and truly initiate change by investing in alternative solutions such as Pioneer Retirement™...

instead of complaining about the system, searching endlessly on Google for alternative solutions and praying for a miracle but never taking action, is up to you.

After you've reviewed this page, please reach out to the Pioneer Relationships Nurturer who sent you this link with any remaining questions or initiate the go ahead with the next steps to get started with us.

Please note, that this opportunity comes around once in your lifetime. You'll only have 48 hours to decide, whether this is for you or not. Afterward, this opportunity is gone for good.

Pioneer Founder FAQ

Please click below to listen to the three most burning questions answered in a short 10 minute voice message by our Pioneer Founder Tabita Fénix to discover whether we are a match.

Pioneer Retirement Payout 

Do you want to replace your current monthly income whether through a job or your own business with a DFY investment that accrues 4% ROI monthly of which we pay out 2%?

Pioneer Retirement ™

Would you like to invest with us but believe that you need a lot of money to get started with Pioneer Retirement™? You can start investing with us today with a principal of €10,000.

Discover the Pioneer Retirement ™️ Book

Do you have more questions about investing or how Pioneer Retirement™ works? Questions such as:

What is the risk of losing money?
Isn't it easier to become a millionaire with an online business?
What is the biggest mistake millionaires or billionaires make?
What if I need to get my investment paid back?
What is going to happen with my investment?
How can I overcome my trauma of having lost money?

Before you decide, whether or not Pioneer Retirement™ is for you, we recommend listening to the free preview lessons of about 15 minutes called "How your freedom is being taken away from you" and "Did I lose my business when I refused to work hard as an entrepreneur?"

 How Is Pioneer Retirement ™️ Different?

"We are not risking your money. We offer Pioneer Retirement ™️ before 65 years of age. You can store your money in a savings account, pension fund such as 401K where it does nothing for you or you can invest it with us. There is no additional cost or risk of losing your money since we don't take money unless we can match it.

Your money is safe because we can match what you invest. We are not accepting any money that we do not already have in assets. If the investment amount that people want to pay us surpasses our own assets, we will stop taking on more investments. 

This means we are not actually working with your money but our own which we have done successfully for over four years without any losses and why we can offer a 4% monthly ROI.

We hope to see you on the other side. Thank you for taking the time to review this information and considering Pioneer Retirement™ for your financially free future!

- Tabita Fénix

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